Chiefs Luxury Tented Camp is a fully inclusive mobile “safari” styled canvas Tented Camp which can accommodate up to 450 Guests.Authentic images of Africa provide the backdrop to what is arguably one of the finest Group and Incentive experiences in Southern Africa. Nights under canvas, a warm log fire and the sounds of the African bush create memorable evenings which are complemented by sumptuous buffet style meals. A dedicated chef and catering team are on hand to delight our guests with some of Africa’s finest fare.Twenty years of experience throughout Southern Africa provides the foundation for Chiefs Tented Camp allowing guests to now access some truly spectacular destinations throughout the region. Imagine this: the sun sets on the horizon, fires are blazing and you recline in the comfort of your own private Tented Camp. Where would you want to be? In the Namib Desert, the Okavango swamps, on an island in the mighty Zambezi, in the expansive plains of the Masai Mara or Serengeti? The sky is the limit in a camp of a thousand stars.

Large 3m x 3m dome tents allow our guests to rest in comfort and luxury while hot water showers from 35 litre canvas buckets with brass taps exhilarate and refresh you. The communal area consists of the Dining and Bar tents which are situated in the hub of the Tented Camp; however it’s the fire place which attracts the most attention, both day and night. Chiefs Tented Camp is renowned for its tasty and wholesome food, its soft duvets and hot water bottles and its campfire ambience. It is famous for its unique approach to keeping things simple and practical. But the most defining characteristic of Chiefs Tented Camp, is the experience itself. Whether you are situated in the Namib Desert, on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, in the wilderness area of the Pilanesburg or Kruger Parks, along the West Coast or in the World Heritage wetland site of St. Lucia, one thing is guaranteed: you will more than likely never experience this again!

Tents & Villages

Chiefs Tented Camp is discreetly sculpted into smaller villages using the surrounding topography as well as maximising the use of trees, bushes and shrubs, giving every village of approximately 6 tents its own character and appeal. Every village is self contained with its own toilets, showers, morning coffee station and evening fireplace should guests wish to break away from the main communal fire, dining and bar area. The villages are all fully serviced. Villages have their own identity with the Chiefs tribal influence very much in evidence with village named after famous African chiefs like Lobengula, Mzilikazi, Shaka, Murahwa, Mutapa and Monomotapa. The 3m x 3m square canvas tent has large gauze windows which allow a large viewing window, maximum air movement and they are mosquito proof. The tents have a large, user-friendly zipped door that, along with the three spacious windows can be sealed with an additional canvas flap in the event of rain or strong wind. Every tent is set up on top of a large groundsheet. The tents are waterproof and are covered with an attachable canvas roof which stretches across the doorway to act as a porch across the entrance. Outside the entrance to every tent are two canvas director chairs, a canvas wash basin stand which is filled every morning at dawn with hot water, two paraffin storm lanterns on stands and a foot mat.
Tents are furnished with two beds, comfortable mattresses, duvets, fitted sheets, pillows, towels, hot water bottles, a rechargeable electric lantern, carpet, waste paper basket and a large wooden trunk that serves as an additional storage unit and bedside table. The entire camp, pathways, ablution and communal areas are lit at night with paraffin storm lanterns that create a warm ambience while retaining the simplicity of an African night in the bush.

Ablution & Safety

The ablution facilities are hygienic and private. The executive mobile toilet units have a modern, hygienic and sparkling clean appearance. Sanitised, flushable cubicles complete with large mirror, night light, liquid soap, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers are the mobile sanitation solution of choice for Chiefs Tented Camp. Large, private, spacious and fully decked wooden floors make showering one of the most exhilarating experiences whether it be early morning or late at night under the stars. Each private cubicle is constructed of gum pole, steel frame and canvas and is fed by a hot water system into canvas shower buckets complete with brass taps. Hand basins, additional towels, clothes hooks, mirrors, decorative batiks, wooden trunks, lanterns and canvas chairs complete the furnishings with “green eco-friendly” bio-degradable soaps and shampoos are used. A retractable canvas roof is attached to the overhead gum pole structure which is only used in rainy conditions thereby allowing for maximum enjoyment under the skies and stars whilst retaining absolute individual privacy. Each unit is fully serviced after every use and guests will find the experience very pleasing indeed. It is often regarded as the ultimate shower experience! Probably the most unusual experience however is the careful positioning of the Ball and Claw baths which can be used as unique extras for VIP tents or for open booking amongst the guests. Bathing in the open bush promises to be an unforgettable experience! Surrounding the camp is a 1.5m high, 8500 volt electric fence which provides a good deterrent for wild animals. Furthermore, armed game rangers reside in the camp for the duration of the stay.

Dinning & Bar

A camp with no pretences is best exemplified by the communal area of which the large fire area is central to Chiefs Tented Camp and also the highlight of every evening. Meals are interactive affairs either under the stars around the fire or inside large canvas framed tents which are set in a U shape around the fire area. Traditional South African meals over the fire or in cast iron pots are in keeping with the simplicity of the camp however more elaborate plated meals and décor can be catered for by the chef and his team who are as comfortable with “bush catering” as with presenting an elaborate meal. Their attention to detail makes each meal an experience to remember. Menus are created for each camp in conjunction with our client thereby tailoring each meal time according to the time of year, location and individual tastes. Traditional hot English breakfasts are served in contrast to an array of Impala, Warthog and an assortment of succulent meat dishes in the evening, unless the camp is located along the coastline in which case a selection of fresh line fish, crab, lobster and prawns are served. (Detailed Menus can be provided.) What would an African Tented Camp be without the customary traditional welcome drinks, colonial Gin and Tonics and home brewed mampoer? The Bar, which is located in one of the large framed canvas tents, is stocked with ice and a pre-determined requirement list as detailed by our client. Beer, Spirits, mixes and cold drinks are all available on request along with a recommended selection of more traditional alternatives which add to the flavour of the camp.